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Planetary Pieces Album Images

By Demx
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swa album swa album open rose and yashino stalking Mr. Otani swa album stood up

Sonic Unleashed/World Adventure’s soundtrack was released this past Wednesday and according to Mr. Otani both Sonic and Chip can be found on the album package. However, finding Chip may prove to be a little difficult. Check out the Hamidashi Blog for Ms. Rose and Ms. Yashino’s commentary about the newly released Sonic World Adventure soundtrack. Need I say it will be in Japanese? Those that want the soundtrack and don’t know how to go about getting it, can go through for roughly USD$46.46, £32.59, €35.30, or AUD$69.73.

Hamidashi Blog
Planetary Pieces Album – Amazon

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Questions for Tommy Tallarico

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Video Games Live's Tommy Tallarico

So Tommy Tallarico, a famous video game composer and one of the composers for the Sonic and the Black Knight soundtrack is ready to answer questions. Not that it will help you with finding anything about the game that SEGA doesn’t want you to know…damn censorship.
So grill the man for all it’s worth and ask for a pudding pop for me while you’re at it.

Your chances of seeing one of your questions answered are pretty high, seeing as no one has responded to the thread since it was posted on the 16th of January. Somewhere a Victor Lucas is smiling. Damn you Victor and your fashionably styled hair!

Ignore my ramble; AAUK is hiding your posts. You won’t know what the questions are until they are posted later on. I still want my pudding pop though.

Tommy Tallarico – You Ask The Questions

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Planetary Pieces and Japan’s Release Date

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planetary pieces

SEGA of Japan has finally revealed that the release date for Sonic World Adventure for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 will be on February 19th, 2008; a ridiculously long delay for a game that isn’t going to see any quality improvement. For your reference, a previous post on the game’s website:

“The difference in the international release dates is based on the sales strategy and the manufacturing schedule. There will be no quality difference between the North American/European/Asia release and the Japanese version. Please be assured we are doing our best to deliver a top quality experience to people all over the globe.”

On the bright side, the game’s sound track, Planetary Pieces, will be released before the game hits Japan, on January 28th, 2009. Planetary Pieces will have a total of 91 tracks on three CDs, featuring the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and Jarett Riddick, member of the pop punk rock group Bowling for Soup. Over 100 musicians participated in the making of this album; and genres include world, rock, jazz, symphonic, and techno. Asking Price? ¥4,200 or $45.30.


Sonic World Adventure Site

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phoenix down plz!!1!

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phoenix down plz

A lot has happened since the last update to the main page, like the announcement of the new game "Sonic and the Black Knight." Those who are wonder about the third option in the poll should have guessed by now that Sonic and the Peeping Tom was a joke, and actually was hinting at the new title. A new poll will be posted shortly, but for now all the updates deal with our media sections. Titles such as SEGA Superstars Tennis and Sonic Riders 2 have their media sections completed. Checking the music section will reveal the addition of Sonic Gems Collection, Sonic Rivals 2, and the music for Sonic Riders 2. Future titles like Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and Sonic Unleashed/Sonic World Adventure have had their swf files ripped. If you’re wondering why there are so little ripped images from Sonic Chronicles, it’s because the majority of the 2273 images were frame by frame animations of the characters. Speaking of Sonic Chronicles, I should at least give a list of known characters. Since SEGA was so gracious to leave the names of all the silhouetted characters here is the list. There is only one missing, so I’m guessing SEGA doesn’t want us to know anything about that character just yet.

  • Amy
  • E-123 Omega
  • Eggman
  • Elite
  • Flyer
  • Giant Worm
  • Giziods
  • Knuckles
  • Kron
  • Millipede
  • Rouge
  • Shade
  • Shadow
  • Shield Pawn
  • Sonic
  • Tails
  • Zoah

Don’t forget to check out the video section, there are tons of new videos; including the one featuring Bowling for Soup. Now if you excuse me, I will be looking for some more news on Sonic and the Black Knight.

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