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Progress Report

By Demx
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progress report

It looks like the site is coming along quite nicely. I’ve primarily been updating the music section because it is used the most on the site. However, I saw Roxxas’ post and completed the wallpaper section. So not only is this section completely in the new layout format, but I’ve also added new wallpapers to the site. The sections that had new wallpaper added to them include:

Sonic and the Black Knight
Sonic Channel Calendars
Sonic Chronicles

Links that previously didn’t work in this section are now fixed as well.

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More SATBK Goodies

By Demx
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SATBK stuff

Today Sonic Channel updated their website with next month’s wallpaper and desktop calendar. In anticipation for the March release of Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic Channel gives you Sonic holding a sword. “Oooo, Aaaah,” like you’ve never seen that one before. In addition to the wallpaper and desktop update, I’ve added new screenshots and character artwork.

SATBK Wallpaper
SATBK Desktop Calendar
SATBK Character Artwork
SATBK Screenshots

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The Month of Lo..Chip?

By Demx
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chip coloring page

So next month is shortly approaching and lo and behold it’s all dedicated to Chip. Sonic’s lovable guide through the world of Sonic Unleashed. *gags* Sonic Channel will be releasing the coloring page for Chip within the next two weeks so sit back and enjoy the wallpaper or desktop calendar until then.

wallpaper calendar feb 09
Chip Wallpaper Calendar
desktop calendar feb 09
Chip Desktop Calendar
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Minor Updates

By Demx
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sonic sticker

A few minor updates before the New Year, the image holds no real significance. It’s just something that was made up on a whim so don’t think too hard about it.

Happy New Years Eve!

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Goodies Added

By Demx
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A boat load of new stuff have been added to the site, along with a better quality Sonic: Night of the Werehog clip. Both sound and video are clearer, with a little sacrifice to the file size that SEGA set for the video on their site.

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